Sharjah IBBY Fund for Children in Crisis

About the Sharjah/IBBY Fund for Children in Crisis

On April 23, 2012 the UAE Board on Books for Young People (UAEBBY) and the International Board on Books for Young People (IBBY) launched the Sharjah/IBBY Fund for Children in Crisis for the region of Central Asia and North Africa (CANA), with the generous support of the Sharjah government.

This fund is largely dedicated for the development and support of long-term projects committed to reading and that target children in post-crisis situations as well as children living in precarious conditions in the region.

To date, projects have been funded in 6 countries. The Fund has also supported the regional meeting of CANA members in Sharjah in 2013 and enabled CANA members to attend the IBBY World Congresses in London, England in 2012, Mexico City, Mexico in 2014 and Auckland, New Zealand in 2016.

Who can apply?

Only IBBY sections in the CANA region are eligible to apply for the fund. If you are not affiliated with the IBBY section in your country we urge you to contact them about your project so that they may submit a proposal on your behalf.

The following project types will be considered for approval:

  1. Training programs for bibliotherapy projects.
  2. Long-term reading projects that work with children in specific difficulties, such as hospitalization, children suffering from mental illness, poverty and living in dangerous or precarious conditions, and children living in refugee camps throughout the CANA region.
  3. Long-term projects that are dedicated to reading wherever children are subjected to conflict and post-conflict situations.

Application Process

The submissions should be received and acknowledged by 1 December of each year for projects taking place the following year.  Once received and acknowledged as being complete, the submission will be presented to the IBBY Executive Committee, and when approved it will be presented to the Advisory Committee of the Fund for final approval and release of funds.

Each application should be written in English and include the items listed below:

  1.  Identification
    1. Title of project
    2. Name of person and IBBY section submitting the application
    3. Name and address of person who will be responsible for the project
    4. Category of project
      • Training program
      • Support for children in specific difficulties: hospitalization, suffering from mental illness, poverty, dangerous living conditions, living in refugee camps, etc.
      • Long-term reading programs for conflict/post conflict situations
    5. Location of project
    6. Brief summary of project
    7. Duration of project
    8. Amount of financial support requested
  2. Justification
    1. Detailed description of project
    2. Human resources: premises, equipment, trainers, etc. (salaries other than for the specific project are not to be included)
    3. Detailed budget for the whole project (in US dollars)
    4. Other financial partners, including a description of their contribution
    5. Tangible expected results that will enable evaluation of the project
    6. Possible risks incurred and solutions to prevent them
    7. Precise schedule with list of activities foreseen

*All applications should be submitted directly to the IBBY Secretariat in Basel.

For any further inquiries please contact us at